Monday, October 31, 2016

The "A" Box Dump

Recently been working to pare back my 5 oz class hallmark collection to single examples; duplicates that remain in the photo below are ingots with consecutive serial numbering. Other hallmark repeats are variants of casting or stamping. Academy for instance produced a number of shapes and hallmark configurations in the 5 oz class. 

Neat to see these all together, let me know if anyone has any 5 oz class "A" examples that are not represented. In my 5 oz class registry, there are no "A" hallmarks available that are not included below except for Arizona Assay Office. My Arizona Assay Office ingot collection will be a photo by itself to come. 

Look for alphabetical box dumps over the next few weeks.

Silver Ingots


  1. I have a bar similar in shape to the top Academy bar with a vertical orientation and a smaller version of the Academy logo as shown on the next bar down in the photo, and with a large "5" beneath that. The bottom of the bar instead of the "5 Troy Ounces, 1981" on your bar it has 999+ Fine Silver in three lines.

    Also, the Academy finger style bar does come with the weight stamped on it and is not particularly rare like that.