Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Silver Ingots - Part XVI - Unique Examples

The U.S. Mint San Francisco 1956 round dated hallmark cast example below came to me with an interesting story. Obviously it is artificially toned gold and over-stamped with W.W. Smith

Reportedly from a family member, the story is that Walter W. Smith who served on the very first Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis was presented with this ingot as a retirement gift. It was painted gold in jest and presented as a 29.14 oz 999.75 gold bar.

Walter W. Smith's name can be found frequently in Federal Reserve Board documents from this period; he served on numerous committees and the Federal Advisory Council.

For anyone else that tries to test the math on this story; either he was very young in the 1914 photos below or very old when he retired since that would give him a work tenure of some 42 years.

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