Sunday, July 31, 2016

U.S. Assay Office New York Silver Ingots - Part VII

U.S. Assay Office New York 45 oz class silver ingots remain among the most rare from any U.S. Government Mint or Assay Office. Recently able to expand my collection to a total of nine examples with two more from 1957. 

In my research to date, I have seen these in the date range represented below, 1928 thru 1957. U.S. Assay Office New York examples that predate 1928 are generally smaller while post 1957 examples are generally larger. During the specific date range of 1928 thru 1957, the 45 oz class is dominant.  

As with almost every other U.S. Assay Office New York silver example I have ever seen, there is always much apparent attention paid to placement and inclusion of all pertinent information including the hallmark, fineness, serial number and melt.

The photos do not do these little silver bricks justice!

Silver Ingots

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