Sunday, June 19, 2016

U.S. Mint Philadelphia - Part III

In previous posts about U.S. Mint Philadelphia silver ingots I mentioned that all were dated 1946 with the exception of one that was dated 1956; that one is now part of my collection. The unique shape and amazing original toning of this ingot add to its awe. 

U.S. Mint Philadelphia silver ingots continue to be the most rare of all U.S. Government ingots, even the extremely rare U.S. Assay Office New York gold ingots are less difficult to come by than these.

This ingot has apparently been assayed once or twice over the years; note the clipped corner, a typical result of common assay practice before the days of nondestructive analysis.

And the reverse showing the original weight of 15.32 ozs.

Silver Ingots

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