Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Silver Ingots Tops 40,000 Pageviews!

Once again the Silver Ingots blog reaches a milestone that just blows me away; 40,000 pageviews! I wrote the first Silver Ingots blog post in February of 2013 and now, 3 years, 4 months and 146 posts later, we cross a number of pageviews that I never could have even imagined. An amazing feat that is only made possible by the tremendous support of all of my blog followers and readers; thanks so much to all of you.

Silver Ingots blog has given me the opportunity to share silver ingot information in a way never before possible. It has opened a door for new deals and introductions to numerous new friends and fellow collectors.

I looked through my 146 blog posts of photos for some of my favorite pictures from over the years to include in this 40,000 pageview post and I am going to have to go with these:

The oldest know dated US Government silver ingot, 1892 from the U.S. Assay Office New York.

December 1942, Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Bullion Deposit and Bar Delivery with seven of the original lot.

And a last one from my visit to the Old Mint Of The United States At San Francisco in October of 2014.

Silver Ingots


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