Sunday, June 12, 2016

Homestake Mining Company - NEW UPDATE PART II

Even though I thought the Homestake Mining Company information presented in the last post was news to me, I had this vague feeling of familiarity as I worked on the blog post. Finally it came to me, the Bulldog Mine in Crede, Colorado was one of the "Franklin Mint Collection of Official Silver Ingots of the Great Western Mines".

The Franklin Mint Collection of Official Silver Ingots of the Great Western Mines were produced in 1973. 3,085 sets were made each containing 10 examples, 2,000 grains each or 4.16 oz. Sets were available in customized wooden display boxes and included a Certificate of Authenticity and booklet with historical information about each of the ten mines. 

According to the Franklin Mint booklet, Nicholas C. Creede discovered the "Holy Moses Lode" in the town that was ultimately named for him, in 1889. After the original boom and bust of silver in the late 1800's, new mining operations began again in the 1920's and one of the new mines was the Bulldog Mine on Bulldog Mountain about three miles from Creede. The Homestake Mining Company leased the Bulldog Mine and began operation in 1964. By 1972, the Bulldog Mine was producing 94,000 tons of ore annually which processed at 24.5 ounces of silver per ton.

Homestake Mining Company's Bulldog Mine in Creede, Colorado ranked in the Franklin Mint's top ten and is represented by the ingot in the upper left. 

Silver Ingots

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