Thursday, June 2, 2016

Homestake Mining Company - NEW UPDATE

Bits and pieces of the story behind these unique Homestake Mining Company silver ingots have come together over the years. We know the hallmark is special, generally reserved for gold ingots. We know that the numbering is consistent with limited production or special edition Homestake Mining Company ingots. We know that the size is very rare for the Homestake Mining Company. We know that the fineness is uncommon and it has always been a puzzler. At least we were always sure of the date! 

From the story in my previous blog posts, we know that the specific ingot pictured below was presented to an office employee in Lead, South Dakota,  for service recognition. Now thanks to Travis H, we know the rest of the story! 

Travis H's father worked for the Homestake Mining Company in Creede, Colorado, at the Bulldog Mountain Operation. In 1976, he purchased the ingot pictured below along with the paper giving us the rest of the story. 

The complete story of these unique Homestake Mining Company silver ingots follows and another silver ingot mystery is solved! 

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