Wednesday, February 17, 2016

US Government Mint & Assay Office Silver Ingots

I started the Silver Ingots blog 3 years ago in February, 2013. After working through my 5 oz class hallmark collection, I wrote about my US Government Mint & Assay Office silver ingot collection. Even though I have not posted for a few months, Silver Ingots blog continues to draw a great deal of attention with page views now approaching 35,000. Thanks to all of you for that!

I have continued to work on my US Government Mint & Assay Office silver ingot collection as well as research, and took the time away from posting on Silver Ingots to develop a PowerPoint presentation that I have been using to speak at coin club meetings. Just as this blog has provided a platform for information, I believe that reaching out to the numismatic world through these meetings will further my cause of public awareness and education about US Government Mint & Assay Office silver ingots. 

So for this post, on December 22, 1942, M. A. Vogel delivered 258.40 ozs of scrap silver to the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco; melting and refining produced 212.13 ozs of 999.75 fine silver. For a fee of only $8.40 on December 28, 1942, 37 ingots were delivered. 

Back in 2011 I bought three Type I oval hallmark, small font with curved stem nines in 999.75 fineness ingots from Old West Gold that were accompanied by a copy of all M. A. Vogel's original paperwork. Since then I have been able to acquire four other ingots that are included on that original Bar Delivery receipt. To my knowledge, what is presented in the picture below, cannot be duplicated; Mint Of The United States At San Francisco silver ingots with Bullion Deposit and Bar Delivery record. And not one but seven of the original group reunited! 

I found this old photo of P.J. Hagerty, the Mint Superintendent on the paperwork above. In the photo below he is inspecting silver planchets at the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco. 

Silver Ingots


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