Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots - Part XI - Duplicate Numbers

Duplicate numbers on Mint Of The United States At San Francisco silver ingots are most rare to find. In my entire registry, among 5 oz class examples, I have only come across five examples of duplicate numbers. Discovering them in registry research is one thing; getting them together into any collection is even more amazing. The photos below represent two such pairs of duplicate numbers now held in my collection. 

I knew of the first #5 from Heritage Auction's archives, they sold it on September 24, 2005, as part of The Alan Bingel Collection of Gold & Silver Ingots Part Two (ingot on left). On a side note, in the Heritage Auction introduction to Part One, (and credited to Mark Van Winkle), the following was written, "Alan Bingel has specialized in an area of numismatics that is arguably one of the most ignored; ingots of precious metals. After a decade of dedicated pursuit of these important historic artifacts, he has assembled one of the finest private collections ever - approaching 100 examples. Mr. Bingel chose to pursue these rarities because he is a contrarian in his collecting as well as his investing: "I wanted to be one of the few rather than on of the many. I chose this singular pursuit because few others wanted them, and I believed they were undervalued. As more numismatists came to understand their significance, I felt sure they would solidly increase in value."  

An accurate prediction of future value by Mr. Bingel! Approaching 200 examples, I hope that my collection and research can continue to expand the interest that Alan Bingel started with his collection in the late 1980's. 

When Edward A came across the second #5 (ingot on right) in the photo, it was the first real proof of my theory of multiple series of similar size font. I've had that ingot in my collection since 2013 and thanks to Tammie H from AU Capital Management LLC, the Alan Bingel #5 has now joined it. 

The second pair of duplicate numbers in my collection represents the same two series of Type I oval hallmark, small font ingots. 

I am working on a complete serial number analysis across the spectrum of ingots produced by the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco and will have more on this topic in upcoming posts. As always, if anyone has information to add, please contact me or reply on the blog

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  1. Hey, i was directed here from the whatisthis subreddit. I wanted to know if you could identify some possible gold and/or silver bullions that i found under my dishwasher? I'm sure they are probably just tourist reproductions but would love to know for sure.

    Imprint on pieces read as follows: Cripple Creek 836 FINE US 1776 (those are sideways) 1893
    Opposite side only says 1893 as well.

  2. Justin, interesting pieces. Can you send a picture of each bar's obverse (face) so I can examine the markings. You can email them to me at

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