Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Ingots - Missing Link? REPOST

I am re-posting this from last July because in the next blog post I want to discuss some new information that helps support the conclusion I present below.  

To date, my research has left me with a timeline gap between the Type I oval hallmark, small font ingots, for which I have a receipt dated December 28, 1942, and the first Type II oval hallmark silver ingot dated 1952, a large sheared plate example. 

Once again, thanks to my recent New York Assay Office ingot research with Mark, I found that the Type II oval hallmark was actually used on gold ingots from the San Francisco Mint beginning in 1946 until the early 1950's. If the hallmark itself dates back to 1946, is it possible that Type II silver ingots that are not dated were produced earlier than 1952?

A possible gap filling scenario, the "missing link", could be that unnumbered 5 oz class ingots were produced between the mid 40's and early 50's. I have not yet found any dated material regarding these particular ingots and have struggled to determine exactly where they fit into the timeline.

The Type I oval hallmark ingots mentioned above that were produced in 1942 are 999.75 fine; I have placed the Type I oval hallmark, small font ingots that are 999.5 second, to date only because they tend to have a newer look but now the 999.5 being last in line starts to make more sense. That would transition 999.5 production right into the following.

The pairs of ingots below represent Type I oval hallmarks on the left and Type II oval hallmarks on the right. This possible missing link scenario would have them in the production timeline just as they appear filling the gab between the mid 40's to the early 50's.

Yet another argument in favor of this possible scenario is the exact match of casting size between the Type I oval hallmark, the Type II oval hallmark and the round 1959 hallmark. This is a unique size, larger than all Type I numbered ingots and consistent (if this idea holds water) through the end of 5 oz class production. 

Throwing this out as a distinct possibility but really looking for input for further analysis.

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