Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots - Part X

Just over one year ago this month I published my first post about the very earliest silver government ingot references in old coin auction catalogs. At that time, I had just finished researching a box of 30's and 40's auction catalogs from Bryce Brown's Coin Auction Catalogs and published a spreadsheet showing how these catalog descriptions supported my position that the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I oval hallmark, large font, curved stem nine ingots were the very first to have been produced and date to the early 1930's.

I noted in that post that the very oldest catalog description in the 100th Auction Sale of M.H. Bolender dated November 30, 1935 references previous auction listings of similar ingots, but I have yet to find those catalogs. What I have been able to find over the past year are two additional examples of these very oldest Mint Of The United States At San Francisco silver ingots, bringing to three the total of these lowest digit examples in my collection.  

Based on my research to date, I believe these three examples to be the oldest silver ingots produced at the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco with ingot #77 being the lowest number I have ever seen and therefore the oldest of all examples.

I've updated the original spreadsheet, gray entries are ingots in my collection, yellow highlighted entries are those found in the early coin auction catalogs mentioned above and the remainder are those that I have seen in my ongoing research of information dating back to 1980. Interestingly, I have seen none of the examples in the post 1980 information that are part of the 30's and 40's coin auction catalog listings (yet).

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