Thursday, November 6, 2014

U.S. Assay Office New York Ingots Part II

As promised, a closer look at my 1892 U.S. Assay Office New York ingot #10, 8.93 ozs and melt #682. 

Added to some possible wear, the irregularities of the obverse surface have resulted in less than a full strike of the year. Without close examination, there are two possibilities of the actual date, 1892 or 1902, as the first and last digits leave no question. Upon close inspection, the circular closure that can be seen of the top loop on the second digit, on both the left and right sides, leaves no question that is an eight and not a nine. The top of the third digit appears to begin to close on the left side ever so slightly but just enough to confirm that it is a nine rather than a zero.   

The following represent standard placement of other markings, the weight of 8.93 ozs is on the right side facing. 

The ingot number 10 is on the leading edge facing and the melt number 682 on the top edge facing.

The reverse is marked with "AGB".

I have been researching various historical New York documents from the period, trying to find a prominent name to match the initials "AGB". My focus has been in banking and finance but if you Google "AGB New York 1892", the page will fill with articles and photographs of Alexander Graham Bell in New York City, placing the inaugural long distance phone call to Chicago on October 18, 1892. Mark V and I have discussed this and while I agree it is unlikely that Alexander Graham Bell is the "AGB" on the ingot, I'm just saying............. Actually, if anyone has any ideas about the initials, please let me know, thanks.

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