Thursday, September 25, 2014

1960's Silver Ingot Flyer

1960's flyer by Gerow Paul Franklin, used in his never ending effort to acquire ingots and other numismatic materials. Thanks to his son Paul, I know that this represents an ensemble of ingots that remained in his father's personal collection until the time of his passing and even though all were sold in auctions years ago, one has now made its way into my collection by way of Kansas City and Edward A.

Very few 5 oz class 1959 U.S. Mint San Francisco ingots are marked with the weight, and adding to the uniqueness of this ingot, it is from lot number of 40. All other 1959 U.S. Mint San Francisco ingots I have seen to date, 5 oz class as well as larger, have been from lot numbers 37, 38 or 39.
Silver Ingots

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