Saturday, August 23, 2014

U. S. Assay Office New York

A few weeks ago I wrote about redemption of Silver Certificates at The United States Assay Office At San Francisco. I received a few emails and had a number of conversations in Chicago at the ANA about the redemption process; it was especially interesting to talk to Ron G who personally participated in the redemption of hundreds of thousands of Silver Certificates.  

The date of June 24, 1968 was questioned as some seem to remember the redemption program lasting longer than that. I was researching this upon my return and came across the photos below from the August 2, 1968 LIFE MAGAZINE of the US Assay Office New York. 

Interesting photos on the first page but look at that line on the second page! The photo is dated June 23, 1968 and captioned as "the day before the final deadline" for redeeming Silver Certificates.

The article is an interesting read about the evolution of currency with intrinsic value to an age of representative money but the ending caption sums it all up, 'money now is worth only what you can buy with it"!

Anyone interested in the entire article let me know and I will email a PDF.

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