Tuesday, July 22, 2014

U. S. Mint Philadelphia Ingots Part II

U.S. Mint Philadelphia hallmark strikes are seldom anywhere near the quality of No. 88. Most are struck over depressions or surface irregularities in the ingot casting and do not achieve full surface contact like the hallmark below. Thanks to Tammie at AU Capital Management for this recent acquisition.

Really just beginning the study of ingots from the U.S. Mint Philadelphia so the following represents my first draft of a registry table similar to those I maintain for Mint Of The United States At San Francisco ingots.

I am working with the same research materials; major auction catalogs and archives including Goldberg, Heritage, Holabird-Kagin and Stack's Bowers, which provide information back to the early 2000's; completed listings on eBay and information from a number of fellow collectors and dealers, in particular Chris from Old West Gold and Tom. I've looked through older auction catalogs as I would apply the same approach here that I do with Mint Of The United States At San Francisco ingots; if it was in the public eye after 1980, I would assume it was still around today. Only difference is that I just do not find U.S. Mint Philadelphia ingots listed anywhere in this older reference material.

The following list is what I have to date. There are three hallmarks used throughout the 1946 run of ingots. Still working to determine precise individual introductions but with the ingots that I have seen to date, the third hallmark and one that carries over to 1956, is also the first for now appearing on ingot #3. There are a number of ingots with one hallmark on the obverse and another on the reverse and some that I have only seen photos of one side so my information is only partial. I have placed the hallmarks in order with the carryover hallmark last, not sure about positions one and two. In the registry table, the numbers match the order in which the hallmarks are presented. 

Again, really looking for help with these, let me know if anyone has information or other examples to add to the registry table.

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