Monday, June 2, 2014

The "V" Box & The "W" Box Part I

Only one ingot in the "V" box, Van Aken Jewelers from Cleveland, Ohio. As with each post, I Googled the name while writing and found that they are still in business. I have left a voice mail for the owner and will post any information I can obtain about the ingot.

First from the "W" box, the two varieties of Windmill Mine ingots that I have found to date. There was a Windmill Mine located south of Jumbo Peak in the Gold Butte area of Clark County, NV. Mining operations were abandoned in the region in the early 1900's. If these are in fact associated with that same Windmill Mine, these are definitely commemorative examples produced some time later. 

Next a very interesting round. Such an elaborate hallmark is extremely rare; the two-digit fineness even more so; and top it off with a very low serial number of 0060. To date, I have not been able to discover anything else about this round.  

Silver Ingots

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