Sunday, May 25, 2014

The "T" Box & The "U" Box

Not much in either and some are fairly common so I will include all of them in the upcoming list but focus on the more collectible ingots in this post.

Thorne Mining And Refining Company are most rare from the "T" box. The namesake dates back to the 1890's in the Eureka District of Arizona BUT whether or not they ever produced any ingots remains unanswered. Fred researched these extensively and concluded in previous writings that while he can trace the exact name to a 1904 Arizona ledger, the style is not conducive to 1900's ingots but more similar to those from the Franklin Hoard. Fred's writings from years past are fully supported in Karl's John H. Ford, Jr. and The "Franklin Hoard" published last year.

Even among "Hoard" ingots, Thorne Mining And Refining Company examples remain most rare, never appearing in quantities like others with a similar story. AND there is always the chance that someday we find that a least one of these was original from the 1890's! 

T & T Refiners and a neat little sheared example with a thunderbird hallmark wrap up the "T" box.

United States Smelting And Refining Incorporated, Plant City, FL,  held this registered trademark between the late 1980's until 1999. 

U.S. Silver Corporation is woven into the rich history of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District of northern Idaho, along with names like ASARCO, The Helca Mining Comapany and the Galena, Caladay and Coeur mines.  U.S. Silver Corporation officially ended business in 2012 but had discontinued production of ingots like those below much earlier. By best estimates, the examples below date from the late 1980's through the early 1990's. The first example is a plate with sheared edges, the second cast with a large font name and the third, the most common cast ingot with small font name.

Silver Ingots

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