Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type II Ingots Part VII - Unique Examples

Thanks to David from Cape Fear Coins for helping me acquire the next Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type II unique ingot; a formidable effort on his part as the ingot was not even in the US. The Type II hallmark is massive and unlike any other obverse strike that I have seen to date, as far as I can tell, another one of a kind.

Look how it compares to the typical Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type II ingot hallmarks that we are familiar with.

From David's first text photos I could not be sure of the exact size of the hallmark but I recognized the ingot immediately. Chris with Old West Gold has shared years of listing photos with me for my research and I remembered that he had done a deal back in 2008 that included an old photo (not the actual ingot) of this very example. Note that the small "53 ozs" and "53" are not present in this old newspaper ad. The ad message is a bit confusing but if "small bars are no longer made" but large examples were still available, it would date to the late 1950's.

From my registry work, the ingot fits the series of cast examples with numbering that I have found to date ranging from #155 to #1785. All are 999.75 fine and within the specific numerical range of #1042 to #1345, edge marked with lot number 164. #1272, the next in sequence that I have found to date, is reverse stamped with the 1956 US Mint San Francisco hallmark. Other 1956 dated round hallmark ingots are also edge marked with this same lot number as is #1848 from my collection.

The only place I have ever seen a large hallmark is on the reverse of the sheared plate examples so I was most anxious to compare #1267 to those. I'll conclude this comparison and authentication of #1267 in my next post.

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