Friday, March 28, 2014

The "S" Box Part II

Getting back to the "S" box with some of the most rare and extremely collectible "S" examples. SSCO represents one of the oldest looking ingots in the box with nothing more than the obverse stamping to identify this one of a kind ingot.

States Smelting & Refining from Lima, Ohio; another extremely rare example. The only two of these that I have ever seen are in my collection.

Continuing with another extremely rare ingot, Swest Incorporated from Dallas, Texas. Once again, the only one I have ever seen.

And finally for this post, San Diego Refining Company. The first example is the only one in this fairly crude picture-frame casting that I have ever seen. The second example is just slightly more common. More modern looking examples in the 10 oz class are simple rectangular ingots with balance scales on the obverse and S.D. Refining Co. stamped on the reverse.

More to come from the "S" box and of course I'll be jumping back to Mint Of The United States At San Francisco ingots as well.

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