Sunday, February 23, 2014

The "S" Box Part I

First and foremost in the "S" box is H. Alvin Sharpe. Attempting to properly cover his life or his works in any blog post would be futile but among many lifetime accomplishments, H. Alvin Sharpe enjoyed an international reputation as the premier expert of freehand intaglio metal sculpture. 

The technique was developed in the 14th century but seldom used in modern times. Using hardened steel engraving tools, H. Alvin Sharpe would carve intaglio (in reverse) into a mild steel die. After the carving was completed, the die was hardened and used to strike finished metal forms.

Imagine each intricate detail as well as all writings, carved in reverse on the original metal die. H. Alvin Sharpe's ability to see and execute this stands out as an amazing talent above and beyond his metalsmithing expertise.

Two fine examples by H. Alvin Sharpe are included in my collection. The Tree of Life pictured first.

Two enlargements follow that help to show the intricate details as hand carved in reverse by H. Alvin Sharpe.  

And for the second, regular followers will remember H. Alvin Sharpe's Whither Goest Thou I Will Go, a Christmas gift from Julie in 2012 with accompanying poem by H. Alvin Sharpe. In Julie's calligraphy, she hand wrote the poem and mounted it with the Artist Studio Proof shown in the following photo. 

Both examples are included on the list of Silver Studio Proofs Produced by H. Alvin Sharpe from 1972 to 1976.

Silver Ingots

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