Sunday, February 2, 2014

The "R" Box Part II

Continuing our way through the "R" box, I want to start with two "R" names that continue to elude me; Regold and The Republic Mint. Shortly after beginning my 5 oz hallmark collection, I remember passing on a 5 oz Regold in a Bama auction for $400 thinking that was crazy; have not seen one since. Had no idea of their rarity at the time but wish I had that decision to make again!

The Republic Mint ingots are more common than the Regold, I know where three are in collections and have seen two bad examples for sale that I passed on. Anyway, to start this post, anyone know of either that are available, please let me know.

A few remaining ingots in the "R" box that I consider more collectible than average, first Rocky Mountain Mint in two varieties of extruded examples. I can find a former business listing in Littleton, CO but cannot tie it to these examples.

RMMR in the next photo which I have seen referred to as Rocky Mountain Metals Refinery but have no solid information on this ingot either. 

And finally for the "R" box, RA and RRC. No information on the RA ingot and as I am writing this post, I am questioning the information I thought I had on the RRC ingot. I have had it cataloged since acquiring it in early 2011, as Rosario Resources Corporation but today, wondering why the hallmark stamping would include "INC." Mark this one for more research.

Lots of room for help today, as always comments are welcomed.

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  1. Ken,
    You list a RPRI hallmark. Was wondering a if you had any info on this particular mint...

  2. Only have a photographic example of 31.00 ozs number 0047 as record the the hallmark. Have never seen it in 5 oz class so do not have an ingot in my collection and have never read anything at all about the producer. Very neat hallmark so if you find anything out, please let me know!