Sunday, January 5, 2014

The "R" Box Part I

Starting off the new year with the "R" box and Rarities Mint. Rarities Mint was incorporated on May 27, 1983 by Ian Simpson in Anaheim, CA. The company evolved out of a boiler room operation that was involved in precious metals futures and in 1987 contracted with the Disney Company to “mint” coins featuring the Disney line up in silver and gold.

The heyday for Rarities Mint and Disney coins came in the late 1980's with the issuance of the 50th Anniversary of Snow White in 1987 and 60 Years With You Mickey Mouse along with the Steamboat Willie Series, both in 1988. There is no known catalog or register of all of the Disney coins issued but these series remain among the most popular still today.

Dealers contracted with Rarities Mint to receive the coin sets as they were produced but minimum purchase requirements and inflated market prices caused problems for Rarities Mint that ultimately led to Ian Simpson dissolving the company in 1995.

The cast ingots hallmarked with the Rarities  banner are most rare, especially in the 5 oz class. For some reason, among the few that I have seen, finding one with good stamping is even more uncommon, most hallmarks are weak and misaligned. It is believed that these cast examples were produced prior to 1987 with the stamped bars by Rarities Mint coming after coin production began in 1987. The two varieties of cast 5 oz ingots that I have seen to date follow:

Continuing  through the "R" box with a Reliable Corporation extruded example next. I have only found one Reliable Corporation registered, a manufacturer of sewing machines, but the hallmark below is not included in its history of registered trademarks.

And finally for this post, Republic with no further information that I can find about company or location.

Silver Ingots


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