Friday, January 31, 2014

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots Part VII

After the confirmation of numerical duplication within the small font, curved stem series presented in the last post, I have separated these into two groups in this updated list; first 999.75 and then 999.5.  The numerical sequencing of both Type I and Type II as well as round hallmark ingots remains a mystery for the moment but a similar research exercise to what has been completed on Type I ingots is being undertaken on the other hallmarks and will be presented in future posts. 

Again, I am working with the major auction house archives, eBay listings, coin catalogs and collector's records that I have access to, dating back to 1980 for the registry below. Not claiming that this is the extent that were produced but using the information that can be taken from the registry to advance my work on dating and chronological organization. Thanks to David who has been helping over the past few weeks with excellently maintained records of eBay listings as well as double checking of auction house archives. 

Interesting discovery to post this week; in all of the information above, I have found only three Type I ingots that are outside of the 5 oz class. I hold Type I #754  weighing 10.14 ozs in my collection. 

In addition there is #848 at 15.93 ozs and #928 at 99.99 ozs. If anyone has information on others please let me know. This is tremendously helpful in understanding yet another difference between the Type I and Type II ingots.

All 5 oz class examples that I can find record of are listed in the following sheets. If anyone would like PDF's or an Excel file of these, let me know as well.

Silver Ingots

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