Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots Part VI

I have written about the three sizes of serial number fonts used on the Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I ingots; large, medium and small. For some time now,having the ability to study numerous examples together, I have felt that in the small font there may be more than one series. I recently acquired a duplicate #5 to one that I had record of from Heritage Auctions in 2005. Last weekend at F.U.N. Steven photographed a duplicate #946 to one that I already hold in my collection. The Heritage Auction photo was not enough to convince me that my suspicion of numerical duplication in the small font series was correct; I believe the combination of that with Steven's discovery last week is.

While this provides yet another opportunity for research and possibly more help with dating efforts, it does what most research does, results in a few answers but more questions. Obviously there is a difference in the fineness between the pairs of similar number. Fred notes that the difference in fineness may be a contributing factor to dating research as we know that is one thing that was tracked at the Mint. The OZ markings on the reverse however, cross back and forth, and are not consistent between ingots of matching fineness to help set series apart. 

A very interesting discovery that I will have much more to discuss in the future as research continues.

NOTE that sizing differences in photos that follow are the result of camera differences or photo file processing and do not represent an actual difference in size between the ingots.

Heritage Auction archive photo from 2005:

From my collection:

Last week at F.U.N.

From my collection:

Silver Ingots

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