Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots Part V

The following photos of Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I ingots speak for themselves. Assembled from reportedly three different original owners, moved to my collection thanks to Edward and Chris, and for the first time ever, presented as one lot. 

Vague information available from the original owners, consistent with my previous writings, dates these to the early 1940's. Interestingly, the original owner of #1 through #9 never had #2, #4 or #6. Ingots #11 and #15 came from two other different original owners.

Acquiring the #1 ingot in this series is a milestone in my collecting efforts; not far behind in significance, #7, #8 and #9 make up the first trio of consecutive ingots I have ever seen, pairs of consecutive ingots being the max previously.  

Certainly no handwriting expert here but the pencil numbering and the number 7's in particular have similar characteristics leading me to wonder if the same San Francisco Mint employee was responsible for marking the weight on the reverse of all of these examples, even though from different original orders. The weight stamping along with "OZS" is also extremely consistent throughout by comparison to other Mint Of The United States At San Francisco ingots, a characteristic that could reflect another single employee's workmanship.

As I have mentioned previously, once through alphabetic presentation of my 5 oz class hallmark collection, my focus will turn to my Government Ingot Collection but this was too good to wait.

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