Sunday, December 15, 2013

The "P" Box Part II & The "Q" Box

Combining what remains in the "P" box with my one and only in the "Q" box in this post. Pictured first a few "P" collectibles, Primo & Stellar Refining Company; PMTARCO; and PGM from Anchorage, Alaska.

Peace Arch Refining Corporation presented in the next photo.

A unique cylindrical casting by Pro Built LLC, Plainfield, Illinois. These examples were available as late as the early 1990's; not all that old but a neat presentation of silver casting and stamping.

And finally from the "Q" box; Queen Elizabeth 2. I have stayed strictly domestic to date but this is the only ingot in the "Q" box so it makes it to the blog. I acquired this from Tom shortly after we met so in some four years, this remains one of a kind, I have not seen or heard of any others.
Most likely dating back to the Queen Elizabeth 2 launch time frame of September 20, 1967, I can stretch what I see into the "Q" wrapping a reverse "C", possibly representing the ship's original owner, the Cunard Line.
Not necessarily a typical hallmark per my collection, and probably not domestic, but what a neat piece to post as the sole example from the "Q" box. 

Silver Ingots

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