Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots Part IV

Reading through my latest shipment of old auction catalogs from Bryce and came across a 62 year old "Holiday Gift Suggestion" to share on this Christmas Day 2013. Towards the bottom of the left column, check out U.S. Assay Bars with serial numbers and official U.S. Mint seal. "They make ideal paper weights"!
Merry Christmas
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays to all Silver Ingots Blog followers and readers. My thanks to all of you for your support and continued interest throughout 2013. I hope you enjoy this holiday season with your families and friends.
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The "P" List & The "Q" List

The "P" list and the "Q" list follow:

Pacific Bullion Exchange
Pacific Silver Refiners
Panamerican Silver Corporaion
Paradise Precious Metals
Parker Industires
Patriot Mint
Peace Arch Refining Corp
Pease & Curren Incorporated
Pedley Ryan & Company
Phoenix Precious Metals Ltd.
Phoenix Refining Corporation
Pilolli's Stamp & Coin
Pioneer Mint
Placer Sierra
PM Refining
Portland Mint
Precious Metal Consultants
Precious Metal Recovery
Precious Metals & Refining Incorporated
Precious Metals Refinery
Primo & Stellar Refining Company
Pro Built LLC
Prospector's Gold & Gems
Pure Silver Refinery
Quality Refiners Incorporated
Quatre Bonded
Queen Elizabeth 2

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The "P" Box Part II & The "Q" Box

Combining what remains in the "P" box with my one and only in the "Q" box in this post. Pictured first a few "P" collectibles, Primo & Stellar Refining Company; PMTARCO; and PGM from Anchorage, Alaska.

Peace Arch Refining Corporation presented in the next photo.

A unique cylindrical casting by Pro Built LLC, Plainfield, Illinois. These examples were available as late as the early 1990's; not all that old but a neat presentation of silver casting and stamping.

And finally from the "Q" box; Queen Elizabeth 2. I have stayed strictly domestic to date but this is the only ingot in the "Q" box so it makes it to the blog. I acquired this from Tom shortly after we met so in some four years, this remains one of a kind, I have not seen or heard of any others.
Most likely dating back to the Queen Elizabeth 2 launch time frame of September 20, 1967, I can stretch what I see into the "Q" wrapping a reverse "C", possibly representing the ship's original owner, the Cunard Line.
Not necessarily a typical hallmark per my collection, and probably not domestic, but what a neat piece to post as the sole example from the "Q" box. 

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The "P" Box Part I

OK, a few of the letters in the alphabet just do not work quite right in my titles with the word "Box"; "P" is no exception, but here we go. 
I have been working in Ohio for a number of years but we still have our home in Phoenix so ingots with Phoenix and Arizona in names or with ties to origins rank high among my favorites. We looked at Arizona Assay Office ingots some time ago, with this post we look at hallmarks that include Phoenix.
Phoenix Precious Metals Ltd. ingots are fairly common in the later series, pictured below are the three varieties I have acquired to date in what I believe to be chronological order. I can find no information on the company other than a listing of Phoenix Precious Metals Ltd. as a refiner that processed and sold bullion products. The first examples bear a hallmark that marginally fits on the 5 oz ingots.

The next examples show a much smaller version of the hallmark. The second photo is of a refinery pack obtained through Dr. Silver from the original purchaser who reportedly bought it in the early 1960's. 

And the final Phoenix Precious Metals Ltd. example which I believe to represent the latest of the three types.

Phoenix Refining Corp. is registered as being incorporated on January 26, 1981 in New York, New York. Todd has a 5 oz example in his collection that only has the "rocket" symbol on it which I would guess dates earlier than the one pictured below.

Not much information on either of these hallmarks so anyone with something to add please let me know.

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