Friday, November 1, 2013

The "N" Box Part I

Not a lot in the "N" box in comparison to the "M" box that we just finished. I'll start off with the Nevada City Mint, not nearly the oldest name in the box only dating back less than 40 years, but one with a very colorful story.  

Don Schmitz opened Nevada City Mint in May,1975, at the former Jas. J. Ott Assay Office in Nevada City, California. Nevada City Mint produced commemorative coins reminiscent of California $50 slugs as well as custom order ingots. Don was also the official Minter for the State of Nevada, operating the infamous Carson City Mint's Coin Press #1 on weekends between 1977 and 2001. I've had the opportunity talk to Don who has since sold the business and now operates an antique store in Grass Valley, California, but still enjoys talking about the history of both the Nevada City Mint and the Carson City Mint.

I acquired the first two  Nevada City Mint ingots  below from Mario Veltri who retired from the accounting department at The Comstock Lode Silver & Copper Mines Inc. Mario received these as gifts during his tenure from his employer. ("STC" on the mining cart recognizes the Sutro Tunnel Company.)

Mario was kind enough to also share the stock certificate pictured below, in his name from 1971.

I acquired the third example from Mary some time later and in discussion with Don found that unlike the ingots acquired from Mario that were made specifically for a customer, extras that Don made were stamped with the Nevada City Mint hallmark.

Don's recollection is that there were no more than a total of 50 of these 5 oz class Comstock Lode ingots ever made and I have found these to be amongst the rarest of Nevada City Mint examples.
Silver Ingots

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