Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots Part III

Thanks to a box of 30's and 40's auction catalogs from Bryce Brown's Coin Auction Catalogs, there is a Part III this week. Bryce searched his early inventory for ingot reference and came up with a very nice group from M.H. Bolender, B. Max Mehl, Celina Coin Co., and Elder Coin & Curio Corp'n. Thanks to Bryce for his time and effort.
As I have previously written, regarding my ongoing efforts to date and chronologically organize the Type I 5 oz class ingots, the earliest documented reference to a date that I have found was 1939. On June 21, 1939, the American Numismatic Society recorded a donation from the collection of David Bullowa. (According to a note on the box, the donor claimed that the ingot dated back to 1935 but there is no supporting evidence.) From the inventory of Coincats Auction Catalogues & Numismatic Reference Books, Karl had previously found an ingot listing in a June 14, 1939, Motor City Coin Company mail bid catalog with weight and number only, but no photo / plate.
I've used the ANS photo to identify the large font, curved stem nine series and placed them at the beginning of all of my work to date. Even without photos / plates in any of the early catalogs received from Bryce, there appears to be continued support for this scenario and now, even earlier date references. Highlighted entries in the list below represent early auction catalog discoveries and while information is not complete without every listing including a number or any photos / plates, the fineness of 999.75 is unique to this series and the numbers, when available, all fit into a documentable range based on present day available photographs and ingots in my collection. (non-highlighted entries are from my previously published list of ingots that have seen the light of day in the past +/- 15 years)
There is one listing of 999.0 fineness without a number but this matches the fineness of the highest numbered examples in this series, No. 1772 being in my collection.
In the M.H. Bolender 100th Auction Sale catalog dated November 30, 1935 there are two examples listed (first two highlighted entries below). In both listings there is reference to pricing of "recent auction records" so we are on the hunt for even earlier listings but as of this writing, the earliest  documented date that I have found is now November 30, 1935. There are no listings throughout the mid 30's that would prove not to be in this series so my research also continues for the first introduction of another series. 

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