Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The "M" List

Still working on a way to photograph my favorite "M" hallmark ingots so until I figure that out, thought I would post the "M" list:

M & B Mining, Inc. 
MacKay, B. R. & Sons, Inc
Magnum Drew Company
Manfra, Tordella & Brooks
Mark Refining
Market Harmony Bullion
Marshal, E.D., Refiners
Martin Metals, Inc.
Mastiff Metals
Materion Mining Company
Medallic Art Company NY
Mehlos Refinery
Metal Refiners LTD
Metallic Industries, Inc.
Metz Metallurgical Corporation
MFR Eagle
MFR World Mint
Mid South Silver
Mid South Smelter
Mid States Metals
Midas Metals
Midland Processing Incorporated
MidPacific Gold & Silver
Midwest Mining
Midwest Minting
MMM - Colorado
Mocatta Metals Corporation
Mojave Bullion
Molly - T Mine
Monarch Precious Metals
Monetary Metals International, Incorporated
Monex International
Montana Assay
Montana Gold & Silver Corporation
Morgan Mint
Murray, L. C.

Silver Ingots

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Type I Ingots

Being an avid collector of Mint Of The United States At San Francisco ingots, and after a few years now of serious research, I have more questions than answers about these gems. In my ongoing efforts to accurately date and chronologically organize San Francisco examples, I've all but exhausted efforts to locate Mint records that would indicate original production information. And it is not like that those would even help with understanding the number that may remain in existence today, I would imagine that the early silver runs took their toll.
I catalogue every San Francisco ingot that I can obtain information on or a photo of and decided to organize that information as a limited look at the ingots that have seen the light of day in the past +/- 15 years.
I have researched major auction archives including Goldberg, Heritage, Holabird-Kagin and Stack's Bowers, which provide information back to the early 2000's. I also looked at eBay completed listings and obtained information from a number of fellow collectors and dealers, in particular Chris from Old West Gold, Todd, Edward, David who maintained an amazing eBay sales record of silver ingots and Karl who has been very helpful with early auction information.
I am not making any claims about what this information really means but find it very interesting as I weigh my collection against what might be available. I am really hoping for input on this post and look forward to hearing from anyone that can help with the list. The list is limited to Type I examples, separated by series and includes an sample photo of each from my collection.
Silver Ingots

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The "M" Box Part III

More from the "M" box; a trio of M & B Mining, Inc. ingots  from Las Vegas, NV. In the first photo, the three variations that I have seen in the 5 oz class over the years are represented. I have read in a number of places that the first hallmark was used prior to 1969 when the "double lined" hallmark was filed as the official trademark. I could find nothing on how long before 1969 M & B Mining, Inc. was in business but public records show closure in 1974. The hallmark is commonly referred to as "Omega" but the trademark filing indicated it is a fancy M & B intertwined. 
I am being very specific about only having read this information, anyone have something different to add please do.

The group of ingots on the same castings keeps adding up. Note the two varieties of weight and fineness stamping throughout the examples below: Coin Shack; Doyle's Mint, Riverside Coin & Gold, (RCG); M & B Mining, Inc.; MSC; and Nevada Coin Mart, (NCM).

And finally a new name for the week, MRI just acquired. An older looking cast ingot with apparent machined obverse.

Silver ingots