Thursday, September 19, 2013

The "M" Box Part I

Normally when starting a new box I jump right to my favorite but I am having some trouble with the photography of my favorites from the "M" box so I will cover the rest of the box, probably in two posts, and by then hopefully have the photography issue figured out.
A lot of neat ingots in this box but again, not a lot of information. Pictured first a pair of highly collectible ingots, Montana Gold & Silver Corporation and E. D. Marshall Refiners. These both required a great deal of patience to acquire and I have not been able to double up on either.


Two more rarities, Motherlode and MDM. As with the Montana Gold & Silver and E.D. Marshall Refiners pictured above, these first four examples represent the only I have ever come across of each in class.
A nice group of L.C. Murray ingots in the four different presentations I have found to date, certified, no hallmark picture-framed; hallmark torch only picture-framed; and certified with and without hallmark torch on standard cast ingots. 

Finally for this first "M" box post, MSR on the reverse of a splitting double image of the L.C. Murray picture-framed ingot displayed above.

Anyone have any additional info feel free to comment.
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