Monday, August 19, 2013

The "J" & "K" Boxes

Slim pickings in the next two boxes, "J" and "K", so I will combine them in one post. Of course there is Jackson Precious Metals,  (JPM), from just down the road in Jackson, Ohio. Dating back to 1974, JPM began by reclaiming precious metals from obsolete telephone equipment. Known since 2003 as Ohio Precious Metals, (OPM), they have found continued success in an industry that has left scores by the wayside. Today OPM claims to be the largest American good delivery refiner of both silver and gold.

Far more collectable than JPM, J and J Smelting & Refining Corporation, Hesperia, CA; Jasco and J in the first photo and the extent of domestic examples in the "J" box.

Into the "K" box, Kingsmen Silver extruded examples in class are fairly common but nice extruded examples.

Two Keifer ingots, one of each type I have found to date, a thicker pour on top and a very shallow pour on bottom.

And for the last picture, KML, stamped inside what could be a crucible. No other information on any of those that I have posted.

As always, if anyone has more info on anything in the post, please let me know, thanks.

Silver Ingots


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