Friday, August 2, 2013

The "I" Box

Some of the next boxes we will be getting into, "I" through "L", are pretty light; not much to be had in the 5 oz class throughout these and you will see that the overall lists for each are short as well. So into the "I" box.
Pictured first two with similar initials; IPM. The top example from International Precious Metals, Las Vegas, NV; the lower, Intermountain Precious Metals out of Idaho. 

Next ICI, a fairly common hallmark but no other information; second, International Vaults Refining, one of the more elaborately hallmarked ingots; and third, IRC, International Recovery Company.

Could really use some help in the "I" box, let me know if anyone has anything to add to the hallmarks above.

Silver Ingots


  1. Hi, I am happy to be able to contribute to this amazing forum. The sIk bars are from "International Silver of Kentucky" At least one example can be found doing a google search.

    1. Oops, I see you already had that posted LOL

  2. I would like to correct the SIK bar information you have. The bar is actually Silver Interprises of Kansas. Yes they spelled it that way. I acquired the bar and then a customer appreciation round which clearly states this. I have set up a meeting with the actual owner (longtime retired) this week to get full company history. On the phone he did say that he was a recycler and poured these bars to earn his profits. Thanks for a GREAT site!

  3. Thanks Duane, please email me at with any more information you obtain.

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