Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The "H" Box Part I

I would have jumped right to my "H" favorite, The Homestake Mining Company, but I am working on a lengthy post and need a bit more time to complete it. So into the rest of the "H" box we go.

About four years ago when I first started collecting silver ingots, I acquired the example in the first photo from Tom; Hancock Industries, 2637 Cedar Springs, Dallas, Texas. A very neat (and very rare) round with information on it etched by hand rather than stamped, and a paper sticker applied with name and address. 

Small world; just before acquiring the example above, I had completed a condo conversion at 4777 Cedar Springs Road in Dallas, just two blocks down the street from the location identified on the 5 oz round. I was unable to discover anything about Hancock Industries but visited the former address and am still amazed at the coincidence. Crossroads Cedar Springs Condos pictured below.

Hoover & Strong began in Buffalo, NY in 1912 recovering platinum from industrial light bulbs, refining the metal and selling it to local platinumsmiths. Over the years, their business evolved into what is still today, one of the nations largest jeweler recycling companies where jeweler scrap is recycled and returned. Now located in Richmond, VA, and celebrating their 101st year of business, Hoover & Strong specializes in specialty wire, solder, tubing and plate for the jewelry industry along with other industry specific supplies.

George Hoover, CEO, is 81 years old and has been with Hoover & Strong for 61 years. According to him, the examples pictured below were made for customers that wanted silver in exchange for their refining returns rather than cash. He did not specifically remember the Silver Sales Award stamping but recognized the bar as fitting the description above. Thanks to George Hoover and his assistant Kelly for their help with this post.     
Two different Hoover & Strong examples follow; first a cast ingot followed by a trio of extruded / sheared examples. 


Finally a group of collectible examples from the "H" box that includes Handy & Harmon, New York, NY; Hoffman & Hoffman; and Hercaimy.

Watch for the next "H" post coming soon about The Homestake Mining Company.
Silver Ingots

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