Thursday, June 6, 2013

The "G" Box Part I

Nothing outstanding in the "G" box to jump right to, so we will just work our way through it. The "G" box is a perfect example of nice hallmark variety but very little information on any of the ingots other than place of origin on some.
Starting off with some of the older looking and nicely toned examples, Global Metal Refiners; Goldfield Ledge from the Goldfield Mine District in Esmeralda County, Nevada; and Gulf Coast Coin, Houston, Texas. Of these three toned examples I believe the Goldfield Ledge is the most interesting. This does not have the look of a 100+ year old example but the Goldfield Ledge Mine dates back to 1902.
Next a group of collectible "G" examples, Gateway; Gold Silver & Gem Exchange, Seattle, Washington; Gila Development Company, Tempe, Arizona; G&S; GM; and GR.  

Great Western Coin & Bullion Company, Modesto, California in two different styles.

And the Great American Silver Company in the three different styles I have encountered to date.

As always, looking for input or comment; "G" list to follow.
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