Friday, June 21, 2013

Anniversary Post

Not the anniversary of the blog; my 1st wedding anniversary and what a surprise for the traditional first year gift of paper!
Julie, as always, (working behind the scenes with Tom), has outdone herself once again. A set of 1975, 1977 and 1980 Silver Refiners Of The World and their Identifying Ingot Marks published by The Silver Institute. The Holy Grail of research and reference for any serious collector and something to be treasured as greatly as rare ingots themselves.  
You will definitely see reference to these in future posts as I study them and incorporate the information they contain into my collection cataloguing.
Since I am on the subject of bragging a bit, I will show off my Christmas present from Julie this past year, (another secretive collaboration with Tom). A one of a kind H. Alvin Sharpe piece, "Whither Goest Thou I Will Go"  with accompanying poem by the artist, hand written in Julie's calligraphy; mounted, framed and hung by my desk for daily reflection and enjoyment.
And finally, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know of my passion for Arizona Assay Office ingots; the start of that I can also attribute to Julie. Christmas three years ago, (her first collaboration with Tom) she gave me my first Arizona Assay Office example and the rest is history!  
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The "G" List

The "G" list follows:

G & G
G & S
General Metals
Gila Development Company
Global Metal Refiners
Global Minting
Gold Bug Mines
Gold & Silver Bullion Exchange
Gold & Silver Exchange
Gold Silver & Gem Exchange
Gold Standard 
Golden Analytical & Refining Company
Golden Eagle Refineries, Inc.
Goldfield Ledge
Great American Silver Company
Great Western Coin & Bullion Company
Green Duck Corporation
Green Valley
Greens Creek Mine
Gulf Coast Coin
Gulf Corporation Council

Have input from Chris already but let me know if anyone else has a name to add.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Engelhard 5 Oz Special Post

Thanks to Chris for making this Engelhard 5 oz special post possible, the following are from his world class Engelhard collection with some bull logo help from Mark. The order of presentation is of no special significance.


Silver Diamond Corporation



Top logo five digit non +

Top logo five digit +



Mid logo large, five digit

Mid logo five digit

Mid logo large 5, five digit

T oz


C series

P series

And finally, Engelhard Australia

Chris's photographs are part of a new registry effort being undertaken by Adam, if you have Engelhard examples in your collection (of any size) and are interested in participating, let me know and I will make the intro.      

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The "G" Box Part I

Nothing outstanding in the "G" box to jump right to, so we will just work our way through it. The "G" box is a perfect example of nice hallmark variety but very little information on any of the ingots other than place of origin on some.
Starting off with some of the older looking and nicely toned examples, Global Metal Refiners; Goldfield Ledge from the Goldfield Mine District in Esmeralda County, Nevada; and Gulf Coast Coin, Houston, Texas. Of these three toned examples I believe the Goldfield Ledge is the most interesting. This does not have the look of a 100+ year old example but the Goldfield Ledge Mine dates back to 1902.
Next a group of collectible "G" examples, Gateway; Gold Silver & Gem Exchange, Seattle, Washington; Gila Development Company, Tempe, Arizona; G&S; GM; and GR.  

Great Western Coin & Bullion Company, Modesto, California in two different styles.

And the Great American Silver Company in the three different styles I have encountered to date.

As always, looking for input or comment; "G" list to follow.
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