Sunday, May 19, 2013

The "F" Box Part I

The "F" box contains the only boxed sets in my collection. For this first "F" post I am going to start with a name that most blog readers will not associate with silver ingots, The Franklin Mint. I will follow up in a later post with the Foster Incorporated boxed sets.
Starting in the mid 1960's, the Franklin Mint made popular a new class of collectible precious metal; coins, medals and bars minted in silver, gold and platinum. Most were sold by direct subscription with one or two produced monthly over the term of production. Very few Franklin Mint examples were made in .999 silver, the vast majority produced in .995 silver, and generally much smaller in size than the set below.

I had seen these being individually sold and of course the combination of .999 silver and the commemoration of the ten largest and best known mines in the western United States caught my attention. Tom had given me a heads up on these early on and even though they weigh in at 4.16 oz each, they make a nice compliment to my 5 oz class collection.

The Franklin Mint Collection of Official Silver Ingots of the Great Western Mines were produced in 1973. 3,085 sets were made each containing 10 examples, 2,000 grains each or the 4.16 oz noted above. Subscription charge new was $25 each.

I jumped on the opportunity to acquire the match set pictured below. While the wooden presentation box shows some wear, the 10 examples are absolutely impeccable. The surfaces are so brilliant that they are difficult to photograph  without reflection.

Like I noted above, a nice compliment to my 5 oz class collection, and no, I do not know who Meredith J. Ramsey is or was but if anyone else does, let me know. (name on presentation plaque)

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