Thursday, May 16, 2013

The "E" Box Part III

About the only other thing in the "E" box is Engelhard of various 5 oz types. I have a few basic examples but nowhere near a complete 5 oz collection, finding that the early examples are both hard to come by and presently command extraordinary premiums.
No expert here on Engelhard but according to Wikipedia, Engelhard was started in 1902 by Charles W. Engelhard with the purchase of the Charles F. Croselmire Company in Newark, NJ. Within just a few years, through the acquisition of a number of other companies, Engelhard became the world's largest refiner and producer of platinum, gold and silver, as well as the world's largest precious metals smelter. Engelhard Industries, Inc. was formed in 1958 and continued to grow consistently, not only through acquisitions but also by product offering expansion.

Pictured first are four of the earlier types, haven't checked with Chris or Tom but according to About.Ag these are four of at least some ten 5 oz varieties known that precede the modern P and C series.

Recently acquired in a trade from Chris, an extremely rare Engelhard 5 oz industrial extruded example.

This merely scratches the surface of Engelhard, anyone interested in more information, Chris or Tom could certainly help. If you don't already know them, let me know and I will make the intro.

"E" list to follow.

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