Sunday, April 14, 2013

The "D" Box Part II

Continuing our way through the "D" box, first are two Don Casey Company, Incorporated examples. Don Casey Company, Incorporated was founded in the mid 70's in Garland, TX. This company was the predecessor of Silvex Silver systems. Both hallmarks are rare and collectible and to find both applied on one ingot is truly unique. Picture are two identical ingots, 5.1 0z with Don Casey Company, Inc on one side and Silvex Silver Systems on the other. 

Next up, Dugan & Helterbrand Company, Inc. out of Marshfield, MO with a start in 1973 as a photography film recycling company. Over their years of operation several types of ingots were produced, the picture frame style on the bottom being the oldest. Dugan & Helterbrand Company, Inc. remained in operation until 1991.

Finally from the "D" box, Draper Mint from Draper, UT, with their Swiss of America series. Presented first are the three types of class rounds; the Minuteman, Eagle and Bill of Rights.

Class examples are also available in extruded bars. Presented in the next photograph are both a Swiss of Utah and a later Swiss of America.

Even though more modern the Swiss of Utah example proved most difficult to obtain. I finally found one searching eBay UK one night and could not believe my eyes when it finally arrived a few weeks later and I saw the reverse pictured below!
That's it from the "D" box, list to follow.
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