Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Interruption

Thanks to Chris from Old West Gold for a find worthy of yet another interruption to our alphabetical journey through my 5 oz class ingot collection. A quick note, check out Chris's new website at oldwestgoldcoins.com 

Ok, we have all seen the larger San Francisco ingots, they are more common of late than those in the 5 oz class. Most larger ingots are 20 oz plus and almost always bear the Type II hallmark versus the Type I below, except of course those post-56 when the round stamp with date was introduced.

Never before have I seen a 10 oz example, yet alone, poured and modeled in exact fashion after the 5 oz class. Here we have not only the same numeral font being used but also the same curved stem nine in the fineness stamping and FINE letters themselves with period.

An example with exactly similar identifying characteristics as #634 on the left (Type I hallmark, large font, curved stem nines) is recorded in the archives of the American Numismatic Society as being donated on June 21, 1939. The donor claimed to have purchased it in 1935 but no record of his acquisition accompanied the ingot. It is also noted that he paid $5 for it. So, no date of origin is established but the information helps us to time frame it.
A few more photographs follow, first the obverse view.
And finally the reverse view. No melt or lot numbers anywhere but this series in the 5 oz class is void of any other marking as well.
As always, looking forward to any comments or additional input.
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  1. how much would this bar sell for? i just got one today but its number is 1256 and its 5.91 ounces. i got it for $115 by the way.

    1. Mike, I would need to see a photo to answer your question, can you email me at kenconaway@aol.com, thanks!