Thursday, April 25, 2013

"A" Thru "D" Update

Before moving on to the "E" box, I want to post a few recent acquisitions of the letters we have already covered.

Presented first are a pair of 1st American CO-OP ingots. The first I have had for some time and while I catalogue it before the "A"s, I did not previously display it. I was just able to acquire the second ingot so I wanted to post the pair.

1st American CO-OP is a successor to the Bear Paw Mining Company ingots produced in the early 1900's. Tom points out that origin and date are both speculative. One paper I have read timelines it as follows; Bear Paw Mining company in business from 1895 to 1903; inactive for 17 years and reopened in 1920 as 1st American CO-OP; then CS Consolidated Silver late 1920's.
To date, I have not seen or heard of 5 oz class examples in either Bear Paw Mining Company or CS Consolidated Silver ingots. The three photos I have seen of other 5 oz class 1st American CO-OP ingots show one or the other of the two Lot numbers represented below, 1151 or 1152.

The second picture is that of an elusive DURO extruded bar. I have no information on this but have only seen one in the past and believe this to be that same extruded example that I missed some two years ago.
As always, anyone have anything at all to add, please do.

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