Sunday, April 28, 2013

The "E" Box Part I

Break out the "E" box and I go right to the Eagle Mining Company ingots, another of my favorites. Two sources I have read from claim that they surfaced in 1955; Heritage Auctions in listings over recent years and a Bowers and Ruddy Auction listing from March 1982. Numerous other writings state they surfaced in the late 60's. Fred points out that no truths have ever come forward regarding these; add valuation and a splitting image of the US Mint vignette and regardless of fact, you have highly collectible precious metal ingots in my opinion.

Pictured first is my complete collection, note the slight variations throughout. Most recently I was able to acquire the 998 fine example from Greg, the only Eagle Mining Company ingot I have seen that is not 999 fine.

Individual examples of both 999 fine and the one 998 fine follow.

The next pictures provide hallmark examples for comparison; the first from the Eagle Mining Company, second from the US Assay Office New York, third from the US Mint Philadelphia and fourth from US Mint San Francisco.

As always, anyone have anything to add please do.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"A" Thru "D" Update

Before moving on to the "E" box, I want to post a few recent acquisitions of the letters we have already covered.

Presented first are a pair of 1st American CO-OP ingots. The first I have had for some time and while I catalogue it before the "A"s, I did not previously display it. I was just able to acquire the second ingot so I wanted to post the pair.

1st American CO-OP is a successor to the Bear Paw Mining Company ingots produced in the early 1900's. Tom points out that origin and date are both speculative. One paper I have read timelines it as follows; Bear Paw Mining company in business from 1895 to 1903; inactive for 17 years and reopened in 1920 as 1st American CO-OP; then CS Consolidated Silver late 1920's.
To date, I have not seen or heard of 5 oz class examples in either Bear Paw Mining Company or CS Consolidated Silver ingots. The three photos I have seen of other 5 oz class 1st American CO-OP ingots show one or the other of the two Lot numbers represented below, 1151 or 1152.

The second picture is that of an elusive DURO extruded bar. I have no information on this but have only seen one in the past and believe this to be that same extruded example that I missed some two years ago.
As always, anyone have anything at all to add, please do.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The "D" List

Already have Chris's help on the "D" list and some new input from David. These lists will work nicely as the basis of the proposed reference platform being discussed with Jim and Michele. Thanks to everyone providing all of the help!  

The "D" list follows:

Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange
Dallas Metals & Smelting Inc.
Darango Mining Company
Daughterty Refiner
David C. Davis Company
David H. Fell Company Inc.
DeLamar Silver Mines
Denron Refiners
Denver Refining Company
Desert Refining Intl. Inc.
Diamond Mine 
DLM Mines
Don Casey Company, Inc.
Doyle's Coin Palace
Doyles Mint
Draper Mint - Swiss of America
Draper Mint - Swiss of Utah
Drew Refiners Assayers
Drew Refining Company
Dugan & Helterbrand Company Inc.
Dunes Hotel

As always, looking for anything that anyone has to add.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The "D" Box Part II

Continuing our way through the "D" box, first are two Don Casey Company, Incorporated examples. Don Casey Company, Incorporated was founded in the mid 70's in Garland, TX. This company was the predecessor of Silvex Silver systems. Both hallmarks are rare and collectible and to find both applied on one ingot is truly unique. Picture are two identical ingots, 5.1 0z with Don Casey Company, Inc on one side and Silvex Silver Systems on the other. 

Next up, Dugan & Helterbrand Company, Inc. out of Marshfield, MO with a start in 1973 as a photography film recycling company. Over their years of operation several types of ingots were produced, the picture frame style on the bottom being the oldest. Dugan & Helterbrand Company, Inc. remained in operation until 1991.

Finally from the "D" box, Draper Mint from Draper, UT, with their Swiss of America series. Presented first are the three types of class rounds; the Minuteman, Eagle and Bill of Rights.

Class examples are also available in extruded bars. Presented in the next photograph are both a Swiss of Utah and a later Swiss of America.

Even though more modern the Swiss of Utah example proved most difficult to obtain. I finally found one searching eBay UK one night and could not believe my eyes when it finally arrived a few weeks later and I saw the reverse pictured below!
That's it from the "D" box, list to follow.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mint Of The United States At San Francisco Interruption

Thanks to Chris from Old West Gold for a find worthy of yet another interruption to our alphabetical journey through my 5 oz class ingot collection. A quick note, check out Chris's new website at 

Ok, we have all seen the larger San Francisco ingots, they are more common of late than those in the 5 oz class. Most larger ingots are 20 oz plus and almost always bear the Type II hallmark versus the Type I below, except of course those post-56 when the round stamp with date was introduced.

Never before have I seen a 10 oz example, yet alone, poured and modeled in exact fashion after the 5 oz class. Here we have not only the same numeral font being used but also the same curved stem nine in the fineness stamping and FINE letters themselves with period.

An example with exactly similar identifying characteristics as #634 on the left (Type I hallmark, large font, curved stem nines) is recorded in the archives of the American Numismatic Society as being donated on June 21, 1939. The donor claimed to have purchased it in 1935 but no record of his acquisition accompanied the ingot. It is also noted that he paid $5 for it. So, no date of origin is established but the information helps us to time frame it.
A few more photographs follow, first the obverse view.
And finally the reverse view. No melt or lot numbers anywhere but this series in the 5 oz class is void of any other marking as well.
As always, looking forward to any comments or additional input.
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The "D" Box

Quick note; while drafting the first "D" Box post a while back I inadvertently hit the publish icon. This morning when I published the finished blog it posted under the previous misfire on March 24th.
So check out the archived posts for the "D" Box Part I.

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