Saturday, March 23, 2013

The "C" Box Part III

Two different C&S Incorporated, Denver, CO ingots lead off this post, followed by another good example of what a hallmark collector typically finds; cc-s; CC&S; CRC; and CRS; lots of hallmarks with little or no information on the source. Source research adds a dimension of collecting enjoyment to the actual acquisition.

Both types of C&S Incorporated ingots have the same hallmark on the leading side.

Interesting find is the Chaunceys, a casting match to the common Liberty Smelting & Refining examples out of Morton, TX.

And finally a very rare picture framed Chovanak from Helena, MT. The company has corporate filings in the 70's and a current address; trying to get more information on their ingot production.

That's it from the "C" box, I'll clean up the list and publish it next time.

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