Sunday, March 17, 2013

The "C" Box Part II

Continuing through the "C" box, ingots of interest displayed in the first photo include Cascade Refining, Salt Lake City, UT; Cripple Creek Colorado; Coin Shack; Casey Refining; Cincinnati Gold & Silver Refining Company, Cincinnati, OH; and Crown Metals. 

As with the majority of my collection, I have not been able to come up with a lot of information about the various hallmarks; cities of origin and some era dating are the extent for the most part. The Cripple Creek Colorado examples are very interesting because of the region they denote but I have found no information on where they were actually produced.

Some examples like the Coin Shack leave me with more questions than answers. This is on the exact same casting as a number of others with the same fineness and weight stamping, just a different hallmark. That list includes Doyle's Mint, MSC, NCM, Regold and RCG. I have yet to acquire the 5 oz Regold, others, pictured below.

More from the "C" box to follow, as always, anyone with info on the above or any questions, please comment.

Silver Ingots



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