Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The "B" Box

The "B" box is one of the lightest of all with only seven different hallmarks represented. Of course, Bunker Hill Company of Kellogg Idaho is of the utmost interest here. Pictured below are three examples, two finger style and one extremely rare round example. The Bunker Hill mine was discovered in 1885 and flourished into the only mining operation with the ability to mine, smelt and refine the ore on site. Bunker Hill is full of rich mining history riddled with labor disputes and operational catastrophes. Bunker Hill Company ingots are all rare and almost never seen in the 5 oz class.  


Other "B" box ingots of interest include those below. Bojuka Ryu, from Marina, California; founded in 1970 as The Neighborhood Karate Club. Changed to Bojuka Ryu in 1974, named for the disciplines taught there; "bo" for boxing art of China; "ju" for the art of Jujitsu (technically named Danza Ryu Koden Kan Jujitsu); and "ka" for Karate arts. Barstow Victorville Hi Desert from the western Mojave Desert region, full of old mines and rich in silver and gold mining history. And finally, Brown Materials Company of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The last not nearly as rare as the first two but typically found larger than the 5 oz class.
"B" list to follow.
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