Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homestake Interruption

Interruption to our routine alphabetical approach that is. Thanks to Jim and Michele for tracking down this latest treasure. A long-time company secretary had received this during her tenure with the Homestake Mining Company. Jim and Michele were kind enough to buy it from her specifically to offer as an addition to my 5 oz class collection. 
Homestake Mining Company was located in the Black hills of South Dakota. It was the longest running mining operation (1897 - 2002) as well as the deepest mine in North America.   Tom has confirmation that from 1897 to 1972 no ingot of less than 1,000 ozs was produced. Amongst the sub-1000 oz ingots produced from the late 70's to the early 90's, those in the 5 oz class are most rare. 
Adding to the rarity of size, three hallmarks were utilized by the Homestake Mining Company, one for gold, one for silver and a second for silver introduced in the late 80's that normally did not include a date stamp. The subject example bears the hallmark generally reserved for gold ingots.

As always, comments and additional input welcomed.
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  1. Hi Ken,
    We really miss this beauty, a find specimen. FYI, Homestake is now home to the deepest underground lab in the world which they are using to search for the God particle, among other things. So not only is it the larges producing gold mine in the US, it may help us in our search of finding God! Jim

  2. Thanks Jim, who would have thought that long after the mine closed there would still be treasures to be found there; albeit through scientific experiment rather than precious metals mining.
    Interesting read this morning about the God particle or Higgs boson. Check out

  3. How rare is a 3 oz homestake bar? Can u put a value on it?

    1. Josh, can you email me a photo to Check out the July Homestake post for more of what I have put together on these ingots.