Sunday, March 31, 2013

Homestake Interruption

Interruption to our routine alphabetical approach that is. Thanks to Jim and Michele for tracking down this latest treasure. A long-time company secretary had received this during her tenure with the Homestake Mining Company. Jim and Michele were kind enough to buy it from her specifically to offer as an addition to my 5 oz class collection. 
Homestake Mining Company was located in the Black hills of South Dakota. It was the longest running mining operation (1897 - 2002) as well as the deepest mine in North America.   Tom has confirmation that from 1897 to 1972 no ingot of less than 1,000 ozs was produced. Amongst the sub-1000 oz ingots produced from the late 70's to the early 90's, those in the 5 oz class are most rare. 
Adding to the rarity of size, three hallmarks were utilized by the Homestake Mining Company, one for gold, one for silver and a second for silver introduced in the late 80's that normally did not include a date stamp. The subject example bears the hallmark generally reserved for gold ingots.

As always, comments and additional input welcomed.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The "C" List

I checked with Chris and received his input before posting  the list this time, I appreciate Chris's assistance with each and every list. 
Thanks to meeting Jim and Michele through the blog, making some progress on developing a way to permanently post these lists on a new website with ability to include the information that has been discussed like the type of company whether it be mining, smelter, refiner etc., the era, any other pertinent information available and hopefully hallmark examples. Offers in from Tom and Fred to help with the process, an amazing opportunity to finally assemble this valuable historical silver ingot information is coming together.

"C" list follows:

C & F
C & H Gold & Silver Distributors
C & S Incorporated
California Crown Mint - Michael A. Graham
California Silver
Canadian Silver Refiners
Cape Precious Metals
Capital Metals
Carlino & Carlino Mint
Cascade Refining
Casey Refining
Certified Bullion
Certified Ingots
Certified Mint
Chico Ledge
Cincinnati Gold & Silver Refining Company
Circle City
Classic Coins
CMP Incorporated
CNS Inc. 
Cochise Precious Metals
Coin Shack
Coin Shop
Coin-A-Rama City
Columbus Precious Metals
Commodity Exchange
Commodity Resources & Environmental Inc.
Commonwealth Refining
Comstock Mines
Conrad Wiegand
Consolidated Coin Company
Consolidated Mines & Metals
Consolidated Silver
Constitution Mint
Continental Coin Corporation
Continental Silver Corporation
Cortez Mines
Crabtree Mint
Cripple Creek Colorado
Crown Metals
Crown Mint
Cyprus Amax Resources
Cyprus Minerals Company

Let me know if anyone has anything to add to the "C" list, thanks.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The "D" Box Part I

Nothing in particular from the "D" box to jump to immediately and highlight, so we'll just work our way through it.
Examples of interest presented in the first photo include Doyle's Mint; dhf, David H. Fell Company, Inc., Commerce City, CA; DMS, Drew Refining Company, Berkley, CA; and DGSE, Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange, Dallas, TX.  

We've looked at the Doyle's Mint before in conjunction with the Coin Shack example. David H. Fell Company, Inc. began in 1973 and thrived during the 70's when most smelting and refining companies were failing. Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year so while the extruded bar only dates back to the late 70's, the uniqueness of this example is that all others I have seen are overstamps of other hallmarks; this represents DGSE as a stand-alone.

On to the next photo, Doral with some of the neatest cooling rings I have ever seen.

And finally for this post, a Desert Refining International, Inc. old school finger style ingot recently acquired from one of Fred's auctions.
More to come from the D box, as always let me know if anyone has comments to share.
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The "C" Box Part III

Two different C&S Incorporated, Denver, CO ingots lead off this post, followed by another good example of what a hallmark collector typically finds; cc-s; CC&S; CRC; and CRS; lots of hallmarks with little or no information on the source. Source research adds a dimension of collecting enjoyment to the actual acquisition.

Both types of C&S Incorporated ingots have the same hallmark on the leading side.

Interesting find is the Chaunceys, a casting match to the common Liberty Smelting & Refining examples out of Morton, TX.

And finally a very rare picture framed Chovanak from Helena, MT. The company has corporate filings in the 70's and a current address; trying to get more information on their ingot production.

That's it from the "C" box, I'll clean up the list and publish it next time.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The "C" Box Part II

Continuing through the "C" box, ingots of interest displayed in the first photo include Cascade Refining, Salt Lake City, UT; Cripple Creek Colorado; Coin Shack; Casey Refining; Cincinnati Gold & Silver Refining Company, Cincinnati, OH; and Crown Metals. 

As with the majority of my collection, I have not been able to come up with a lot of information about the various hallmarks; cities of origin and some era dating are the extent for the most part. The Cripple Creek Colorado examples are very interesting because of the region they denote but I have found no information on where they were actually produced.

Some examples like the Coin Shack leave me with more questions than answers. This is on the exact same casting as a number of others with the same fineness and weight stamping, just a different hallmark. That list includes Doyle's Mint, MSC, NCM, Regold and RCG. I have yet to acquire the 5 oz Regold, others, pictured below.

More from the "C" box to follow, as always, anyone with info on the above or any questions, please comment.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

The"C" Box Part I

Breaking out the "C" box and going straight for one of my favorites. Consolidated Mines & Metals operated in San Francisco in the 70's and 80's. The outstanding attention to detail and additional time taken in production that resulted in the polished shape and mirror-like finish on these examples is truly unique.

The first ingot pictured includes the Certificate of Authenticity dated November 5, 1980. Couldn't decide if I should show the obverse of the ingot or reverse with serial number but I swear, it is a match!

The second picture represents the two types I have come across to date. The example on the left matches the 1980 obverse above. The one on the right matches a listing Tom has of three in sequence dated 1981. That would indicate the type on the left is the earlier but with only two certified examples, more research is needed to say for sure.

Most recently a number of listings have appeared of examples without serial numbers, always thought to be more rare than those with serial numbers.
Much more from the "C" box to follow.
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The "B" List Update

Thanks again to Chris for five additional "B" names along with photos. For future reference, the posted list has been updated with the additional names.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

The "B" List

Still working on a way to post the list with added information discussed previously and pictures but for now, here's the "B" list.

Bache Canadian
Baltimore MD Mint
Bankhaus Deak & Company, LTD
Banque Genovoise
Barstow & Victorville Metals Refinery
Bay Area Precious Metals
Bear Paw Mining Company
Bell Associates
Bitterroot Nugget Exchange
Boatman's National Bank
Boise Refining
Bojuka Ryu Inc.
Bonanza Mint
Boshmans Antwerpen
Boston Silver Company
Broken Hill Association Smelters
Brown Materials Company
Buckeye Refining
Bullion Bank
Bunker Hill Company

Anyone have a "B" name to add to the list, let me know.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The "B" Box

The "B" box is one of the lightest of all with only seven different hallmarks represented. Of course, Bunker Hill Company of Kellogg Idaho is of the utmost interest here. Pictured below are three examples, two finger style and one extremely rare round example. The Bunker Hill mine was discovered in 1885 and flourished into the only mining operation with the ability to mine, smelt and refine the ore on site. Bunker Hill is full of rich mining history riddled with labor disputes and operational catastrophes. Bunker Hill Company ingots are all rare and almost never seen in the 5 oz class.  


Other "B" box ingots of interest include those below. Bojuka Ryu, from Marina, California; founded in 1970 as The Neighborhood Karate Club. Changed to Bojuka Ryu in 1974, named for the disciplines taught there; "bo" for boxing art of China; "ju" for the art of Jujitsu (technically named Danza Ryu Koden Kan Jujitsu); and "ka" for Karate arts. Barstow Victorville Hi Desert from the western Mojave Desert region, full of old mines and rich in silver and gold mining history. And finally, Brown Materials Company of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The last not nearly as rare as the first two but typically found larger than the 5 oz class.
"B" list to follow.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The "A" List Update

Some good feedback from the posting of the "A" list. Chris provided half a dozen names to add; photos on the way. (For future reference the posted list has been updated with those names.) Fred suggested including photos, circa dates and locations with the list. I like those ideas and will work on a way of posting the master list with photos and other information I have been able to compile. Over the years I have captured hallmark photos from listings not in my collection for reference. Technically, not sure how that can be accomplished but you all will be the first to know.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

The "A" List

A number of times I have mentioned my "list". I have worked on this since beginning to collect ingots, recording every name I come across related to silver ingot and bar production. The overall list is some 600+ names and before moving on to the "B" box, I thought I would publish what the "A" portion of my master list looks like:  

AAA Precious Metals
Academy Corporation
AG Refining Company
Agnon, Inc.
Ainslie Bullion Company
Alaska Mint
Alaska Silver Refining
Alexander Westerfall Smelters & Refiners
Allen's Coin Shop
Alpha Metals Company
American Argent Mint
American Chemical & Refining Company
American Credit Bar
American Gold & Silver
American Gold Deposit Corporation
American Mining Corporation
American Mint Corporation
American Pacific Mint
American Precious Metals
American Republic Silver Company
American Silver
American Smelting & Refining Company 
Anaconda Raritan Works
Anaheim Metals
Anglo American Metals
Apache Grave
APW Anode Silver
Aqua Mining Company, Inc.
Argento 'Italifo
Argento Puro
Argentum Refiners
Argor Heraeus Sa
Argor S. A. Chiasso
Argus Metals
Arizona Assay Office
Arizona Silver, Inc.                                                  
Atlanta Mint Incorporated
Aurium Res. Corp.
Aurora Bullion
Australian Bullion Company

Anyone have an "A" name to add to the list, let me know.

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