Sunday, February 24, 2013

More From The "A" Box

The neat thing about hallmark collecting is that there always seems to be a new example surfacing. The biggest challenge in collecting these is to obtain information about the hundreds of producers of old pours, cast and extruded 5 oz examples, it is also a large part of the enjoyment.

Shown below are examples from AGB, American Precious Metals, AAA Precious Metals, American Gold & Silver, American Credit Bar and Anglo American Metals, probably all familiar names to most readers.

Speaking of familiar names, Academy silver bars were produced for over 30 years by the Academy Group, in Albuquerque, NM until being bought by Brush Engineered Materials in 2010. Later year bars are pressed, but of course the interest here is in the earlier cast and extruded examples as produced by Academy.

The photo below shows the varieties that I have been able to assemble to date.

Starting in the upper left is a cube style ingot which could actually be sheared from an extrusion. Below that are two shallow rectangular examples marked with the CSRCO overstamp. One of these displays the small column hallmark while the other the large column hallmark, both with large font weight stamp. On the right are three shallow rectangular examples all with the small column hallmark; first with no weight stamp, second with large font weight stamp and third with a very small font weight stamp. Finally at the bottom a "finger" style ingot with the small column hallmark and no weight stamping.
Academy silver bars are not all that rare but an opportunity to see all of these varieties together is indeed. Anyone have information on a type not included above please let me know.
Silver Ingots

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