Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introduction to the Silver Ingot blog

Technology, might as well try it.
I have been photographing my US Mint at San Francisco collection for recordation and decided to start photographing some of my other collection. That led to the idea of sharing those pictures with other collectors and anyone who has similar interests.
This is my test blog so I am keeping it short and sweet. I really have no idea how this works or who will get to enjoy the posts but here goes.
Starting off with a name that most collectors are familiar with, American Smelting & Refining Company. The accompanying card is self explanatory but in addition to that information, the Rosario Mine dates back to 1880 when Julius Valentine of New York founded the New York & Honduras Rosario Mining Company. Mining operations in the San Juancito Mountains of Honduras began in 1904. The example below is a shareholder presentation ingot from 1971 still in the original wrap with felt pouch and presentation certificate.

The card notes that this is the latest in a series so if anyone has information on others please let me know.
I'll be working on email notification and trying to figure out how replies and new posts work. Hope you (not sure who that is yet) can enjoy these posts.



  1. This is a fantastic resource and really enjoy it.

  2. Just discovered your blog and will now start to delve into all the treasures. Thanks for the time and effort, and continue the awesome work!