Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introduction Part II

With the first post earlier today I had a chance to figure out how the actual publishing works, I am still working on comments and email notifications. For those of you that received an email notification, there is a link at the bottom of the email to the actual blog home page. Or use the following URL 

Since my collection is organized in alphabetical order, that is how I will be going through it. Below are some other interesting examples from my "A" box.

Most of my acquisitions are based on expanding a 5 oz class hallmark collection without much if any information on the specific ingot. The picture above represents a number of interesting names to collectors but I have no meaningful information to offer in addition to the photos.

Other interesting "A" box examples are the ASARCO Troy Units 1982 pictured below.

I have now acquired these in 5.5 oz (left) and 6.0 oz (right). I have seen a 4.15 oz example but would like to know what weight range these may have been produced in so anyone have any information to share, feel free.

Will not be rapid-firing posts, end up with two today because I am spending some time trying to educate myself on the process

Silver Ingots

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